Matthew Colin

brings with him the philosophy of history’s great songwriters
“a song and a friend for every mile behind”. It’ll only take listening to one or two lines to find a writer of considered craft, values nested in a time of country folk music when all that mattered was the song itself.


Appearing Live



For a time I was living in an alley side garage nicknamed ‘The Cabin’ as it were imagined to be, but for the sounds of the inner city bustle. The songs on ‘Cabin Demos’ were self recorded with the help of the wonderful Ben Franz who plays the Pedal Steel Guitar.

while you’re there you should go explore the ‘No-Fi Headphone Time’recordings back catalog.




The following is a selection of live ‘takeaway’ videos. All audio is captured during the performance, the only editing that might occur is in the footage.


A little iPhone shoot with the morning light during a house sit. A song about nature and the gift of insight and patience.

This live music video was shot in the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building, using two phones. Don't look too close but you can see one taped onto the guitar, recording audio, the other one is held by my legendary friend Phil Watt


”Matthew Colin is a sweet voiced songwriting troubadour, no doubt at all. He's lived here and over there, he's picked up stories from around the world and then taken said stories to another place in the world and written a song about the journey of that song...It's very easy to see that Matthew is simply brilliant at what he does.” - Damon Smith


Matthew Colin, Trigger // Moon Mountain Sessions

”Matthew Colin and i have roamed similar circles for quite some time, but never crossed paths.. until a few months ago when we played a show at one of our favourite venues in Australia "the junk bar" in Brisbane.” - Benjamin James Caldwell, curator of Moon Mountain Sessions


Shot and Edited by Jason Tweten. Lyrics and Music by Matthew Colin. Copyright 2014 Matthew Colin. We snuck onto an abandoned property in Langley BC Canada, and had a great time shooting this takeaway video. Brandon Wolfe Scott pressed record and yells 'Rolling' at the start of the video.


Brothers of the Song written by Matthew Colin Video produced by Kiel Hames Additional musicians Upright Bass - Alan Brooker Slide Guitar - Diego Zaragoza Recorded at Valiant Music Brunswick Heads, NSW Australia



I decided to go the home grown route of making my own tees. My nephew Luka illustrated my face for a x-mas present one year, so ever since I’ve wanted to print it. I watched a bunch of tutorials, gathered some screen printing supplies, and these are the results.

The tees are what I’ve been calling ‘Charity Stock’ meaning I hunt them all from the local op shops and thrift stores. Therefore they are completely random sizes, styles, and colours, all of which hand screened by yours truly with eco inks.

There are also Trucker Hats and Koozies/Stubbie Holders that were printed by my buddy Ry at Lundy Print Co. in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Limited stock is available through Band Camp, though currently tees are only available at shows.


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